How to encourage kids to overcome extreme shyness:

Do you have a kid that is extremely shy around other people? Is your kid having a hard time making friends with other kids in his class? Does your child easily get scared about different things/ If the answer is yes to most of these questions then you child maybe suffering from low self-esteem which can be heart-breaking for any parent to hear. But looking on the brighter side of things, as parents, there are many things that we can do to help increase their self confidence.

Give them responsibilities

Make your child feel empowered with a “can do” attitude by delegating simple tasks. You can start with teaching them how to clean their room, set the dinner table, wash dishes and taking out the trash. These tasks can make them feel that you trust them to be responsible in doing things and it really means a lot to most kids. If you feel that they can already manage simple tasks then that is the time that you can entrust them with bigger responsibilities. 

Encourage them to participate in extra curricular activities

Other than schoolwork and household duties, it is also important that your kid has his own social life. In this way he gets to have more friends which is very important for them Engaging in sports by enrolling badminton classes singapore              can also help them in building g their self-confidence. You might notice a good change in their behaviour and attitude once they start excelling in sports.

Always make your child feel loved

Every parent love their children and this can be interpreted in many ways. But one of the most effective ways to show them your love is to effectively communicate and listen to them. Always ask you kid about their day, how are things doing in school or is there any kind of help that you can offer them? These small but important conversations will encourage your kids to open up to you. It will also make them feel confident knowing that you are always there for them no matter what happens.

Teach you kids not to give up

When your kids goes through disappointments and rejections in life do not allow them to dwell on the situation and feel bad about themselves. As parents it is our job to talk to our children and encourage them not to give up on things. You have to let them realize at a young age that life is not perfect there will be good times and there will also be not so good times. They should have the proper mind-set on how to deal with different types of challenges.

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