Champion that winning streak at school

Education is one thing which can change a person’s status. Even though some of the billionaires in the world have said that they have not completed college education, it does not mean everybody can become a billionaire by not learning anything. Education can change a lot; not only your brainpower or theoretical knowledge but also soft skills, physical prowess and attitudes. If and when you face a real industry interview you will know that just the book knowledge is not going to get you anywhere.

Develop your soft skills

In a world where smart tools are performing a lot of labour intensive work, what a student who is expecting a rewarding career can enhance is, soft skills. First of all, communication skills are very important. If another person does not understand what you are saying or understands it differently than what you said, results can be chaotic to say the least. This doesn’t mean you need to speak a few languages. Whatever the language you speak, you must be clear and precise. Skills such as negotiation and presentation are also important. It is not enough to just mention that in your curriculum vitae that you have these skills; you must develop them, grow them and show by action that you actually can do a presentation or win people at a table in a negotiation.

Physical activities

Gone is the era when parents thought classroom work is going to bring you a rewarding career. Any school has a time period dedicated for physical activity, however this is not about that. Any student with a target of becoming a well-known employee or an entrepreneur must grow their physical prowess, not to become a threat to another human being but simply to become a healthy person physically so that mentally also he will be smarter. You can engage in any sport, indoor or outdoor. You can try tennis, swimming or badminton classes Singapore. Make sure you learn team work, winning strategies and getting the best out of all sorts of people. Life is a team sport at a company when you start working.

Attitude development

When companies recruit, they hire for the attitude. Skills can be developed and theoretical knowledge is easier to learn. There are so many internet and web resources which you can use, if you don’t know something. However attitude is not something you can change so easily. Therefore if you do not have a positive attitude, that can be quite a negative outcome at an interview. A manager is someone who by looking at you once can determine what sort of an attitude you have. So make sure you always think as the glass half full.   

Your future is in your hands. Making it a better one is all your responsibility.

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