Tips to help you take better care of your hair

Owning long and healthy locks is what every woman dreams of at some point in her life. But then with the stress of work and lack of time, there is really no time for her to groom and make this dream come true. However here are some simple tips you could use to make this dream come true if you are one amongst the many of these women!

Be gently with wet hair

Hair fall is a natural thing. It is actually pretty normal to lose 100 to 150 strands in day. But when it comes to wet hair, you need to be gentler if you want to reduce the strands falling off.

It would be best to avoid combining wet hair in the first place, but if the situation calls, make sure you use a broad toothed comb for this. After all, no one ever dreams of investing on natural hair replacement singapore because they messed up bad with their own hair!

Give your hair a trim

If you want to make sure that your hair remains healthy and strong, give it a trim occasionally every few weeks. This way you can get rid of those spilt ends once and for all. To avoid them from ever growing back trim at least a quarter of an inch of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks for best results!

Wash your hair occasionally

There is nothing worse than damaged hair, and most of the times the main reason for this is constantly washing your hair every single day. When you wash your hair the natural oils in your scalp are removed and it takes while for them to form. These keep your scalp from being all dried and scaly. But if you were to wash your hair every day you are only making your scalp become more and more dry day by day. So wash your hair occasionally, and make sure you condition it too!

Deep condition your hair

Even though you add conditioner to your hair after you wash it with shampoo, it would never come as close as deep conditioning to give you expected results. Every once in a while, after you wash your hair with shampoo, towel dry it and squeeze out the extra water. And then add a generous amount of conditioner on to it. Make sure that it reaches the roots of your hair and comb through with a broad toothed comb. Leave it for an hour or ten minutes and wash off. Do this every now and then and voila, you would have that long and luxurious locks that you have always dreamt of swaying!

So use the above tips and give your hair more care!

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