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Things Athletes Must Do To Their Teeth

No matter what level or sport you are, it is best to take care of your teeth. Many athletes are careful with what they eat and how they do their workouts. Part of their routine must be taking care of the mouth plus the teeth. It is awful to miss practices because your tooth is aching. Moreover, dental visits may spend much of your time rather than using it for your sports. As such, here are the things that athletes must do to their teeth:

Treat the Mouthguard as an Essential Part of the Uniform

Your uniform is essential in your sports. This includes the helmet, knee pads, and others. But make it a habit to include the mouthguards as part of your uniform too. With this, it can protect your teeth. It can also make the lips, jaws, and tongue safe.

Be sure that wearing the mouthguard becomes your second-nature. This is also true according to the arthroscopic surgery Singapore. The type of the mouthguard does not matter. What is important is that it fits properly on you. Some of the athletes today perform better when they wear the mouthguards. As they get used to it, they start to feel naked when they don’t have it.

Some sports don’t let you play in the court without one. For example, the USA hockey requires all of its players to have a mouthguard first. The referees check it and it must be colored. This is a good idea to ensure that their mouth is protected.

Brush and Floss your Teeth

Make your teeth clean always. Practice it to master just like how you do with your sports. If your tooth is unhealthy, it will likely to become damaged especially during sports activities.

As such, make sure to brush your teeth twice a day. Do this for around two minutes. Then, floss it once a day. You can also use a mouthwash of your choice.

Opt for Water than Sports Drink

If you wish to quench your thirst, drink water instead of sports drinks. There is too many sugar content in sports drinks and it might not rehydrate your body.

Furthermore, the bacteria in the mouth will use the sugar in the sports drink. This produces an acid that can weaken the teeth’s outer shell. In the long run, you can increase the risk of developing cavities.

Professional athletes don’t just drink sports drinks. They have a well-maintained diet. They make their own drinks with high-protein content.

In sum, the teeth are the often neglected part of the body. But athletes must pay attention to this body area too. Preventing dental issues can aid them to become successful in their chosen path someday.

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