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The common types of sports ankle injuries

Ankles injuries are very common when one is taking part in exercise or sports. The injuries can be either minor or major and the recovery periods will differ based on the seriousness of the injury.

There are certain types of ankle injuries that could be very dangerous which will require a surgery or two to sort it out. You might have to stop doing your sports for a while which might not be easy to get back into the game.


If you are into sports and you are worried about getting injured especially when you need your ankle for the sport, you might need to know about the types of ankle injuries and also know about the best ankle sports injury Singapore clinics available in the event that is needed.


Here are the common types of sport injuries to the ankles listed below:


Ankle sprain

At least one point in one’s life, one would have gone through an ankle sprain. The ligaments are injured during an ankle sprain which is caused when the ligaments of the lateral side undergo an injury. These sprains usually take about two weeks or so which means that you need to stop continuing your exercise and sport. There are much more serious sprains that will keep you away from the field for even up to six weeks. You will need to ice the ankle, brace or tap it.  Some physical therapy might help too. However, these sprains usually donot require a surgery.


High ankle sprain

When the ligaments between the fibula and tibia tear, this will cause high ankle sprain. Whenever there is an injury to your ankle ligaments, a high ankle sprain is bound to happen. You will feel the discomfort and pain right above the ankle along with a pain in the lateral part. You need to ensure that you consult a specialist as the correct diagnosis needs to be given in order for a good recovery process.


Lateral malleolus fracture

This fracture takes place when the person has a pain on the bone which is lateral to the ligament and is in the fracture area. You will have to wear a boot or cast to recover from the facture or plates and screws.

There are many other injuries such as jones fracture, achilles tendon rupture, peroneal tendon subluxation and talus fracture. You need to ensure that if you feel that the injury is affecting you greatly that you consult a doctor immediately to avoid any further injury taking place which might put you out from continuing with your sport.

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