Steps to Change Your Personality

Your personality is what defines you, not your money or education. Personality is built by a collection of behaviours, habits, values and attitudes that all come together to showcase who you are. Your personalities are instilled in you deeply that sometimes it can be hard to change the entire outlook of it, however it’s not impossible. You need to put some work so here is what you can do.

  1. Setting the groundwork

First you need to write down your plan; what do you want to change and what you want to become. Changing one or two habits might be easy, however changing your whole self is extremely hard. You can do this by taking someone to be your inspiration. If you have someone you look upto and think you want to be like one day, pay attention to his or her behaviour and identify special characteristics. Talk to a friend or family member regarding your change, especially if you are trying to quit alcohol, smoking, drugs and other such bad habits. They can give you great mental support and encouragement. Make a reward system and stick to it so whenever you achieve something, give yourself a treat. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and have set a goal to stay away from sugary foods straight up for a week, you can treat yourself with an ice cream just for one day if you achieve your goal.

  • Change your appearance

Overall appearance has a major influence on confidence and personality. Start taking care of yourself more. Stay hygienic at all times; brush your teeth twice daily,smell good, wear clean and ironed clothes etc. You can go for a style change by doing a wardrobe makeover. If you have been wearing dark and gloomy clothes all this time, it’s time to brighten up. Wear bright colours, use accessories well and put on some light makeup. Go for a new hairstyle, try hair transplant Singapore, color it, cut bangs; the options are endless. Anyone adores a well-dressed and groomed person than someone unclean and untidy.

  • Change your behaviour

You need to put yourself in new environments to explore them and discover yourself. Try new things, join a club, help someone, start a hobby or do anything productive during you free time. You might discover new talents you never thought you had. Write a journal of these new things you tried and read them through when you feel down. It will remind you of how you succeeded in all these new environments.

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