How to be healthy 101

Good health, some may call it a blessing but it doesn’t need to be. Being healthy is the right of every human on earth, some find themselves in situation where it not even an option. People in countries suffering from famine, find themselves battling many health conditions simply because they don’t have healthy food nor water to drink. Unfortunately this is not even in their hands, if they could change it, they would but as they are unable to leave the place where they live, they will have to face these conditions until the famine passes. However to the rest of us, who live in countries where resources such as food, shelter and water are adequately available, our health is in our hands. We can be healthy if we want to.

If you are here, then chances are you want to be healthy, you want to make step towards a healthier life for not just you but the people you love too. That is commendable. It takes a lot of courage to make the decision to adopt a healthier life and even more so to make the necessary changes. When it comes to being healthy, it really is not as complicated as some people make it out to be. You do not have to commit to a weeklong juice cleanse or such. If you know the basics and you do them well, then you are set.

Reduce the carbs

If you have a diet rich in carbohydrates you will be unhappy  to hear this but carbs are the worst enemy to health. While they are great in small doses, if they take up 70% of the food you eat, it is time to cut down. You do not have to eliminate it. Everybody likes some plain rice once in a while but you can substitute it. Instead of white, try red rice. If you want pasta, try wholegrain pasta instead of the ones made using refined flour. Also control your portions, limit your carb intake to 1 cup for a meal. 1 cup of carbs is more than enough.

Workout often

Don’t just depend on your diet, try to include some workout regimen into your schedules. You don’t have to do it alone. Working out alone is difficult. Maybe team up with your friends or family. Many people are up for some exercise. Also try to get help from a professional. You can hire a pilates instructor singapore to teach you the ropes and help you with your posture when doing pilates. Having an instructor helps you focus better and be more motivated. So you are more likely to engage in the workout session.

Don’t eliminate sweets just reduce them If you have  a sweet tooth, you don’t have to forbid yourself from eating something sweet. Just make sure you don’t indulge yourself. And only reward yourself with sweets when you reach a goal or such. Maybe you could have 1 half of a slice of brownie to give your elf something sweet but also ensure that you don’t consume too much while satisfying your craving.

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